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Sunday, September 5, 2010

The end of summer

Hey yall...

So today was absolutely GORGEOUS! The weather was perfect and it was a very nice end to a great summer. My sisters came over for dinner and we all just hung around the house, playing with my nephews, playing Bag-o, and enjoying life before the hectic-ness that September brings.

Things that I'm excited about for fall :)

1. Long sleeved shirts and cardigans
2. Jeans that hide my cottage cheese
3. Pumpkins and apples and hay stacks
4. Bonfires
5. Football games
6. Eating a lot
7. Pretty Fall nailpolishes (like this one!! You don't know Jaques by OPI)

Things I'm not excited about for fall :(

1. Not wearing flip flops
2. School work
3. All the flowers dying
4. Raking leaves
5. No more waterice
6. Eating a lot
7. Having to apply for colleges

One more day left of sweet summer...let's make the best of it.

<3 Curlygirl

Saturday, September 4, 2010

...oh hey

Don't even consider me a blogger. Like all of you (note how I saw 'all', as if there are tons of you sitting there reading my revival) who are subscribed to my blog...why?! I don't even blog!

So maybe it was a moment (or two..or three...or a thousand) of weakness but, let's just say I'm back. I didn't die. I wasn't left without power. My computer didn't have a virus (God forbid...facebook is my oxygen). I just...didn't feel like it.

I don't even know where to begin to update you with my life, because frankly, I don't remember where I left off. Maybe it was March, maybe April. Weren't those days just yesterday anyway?!

But let's start fresh. A new beginning for Fall. I know these things are supposed to happen in January, when a year starts anew, or in Spring, when flowers begin to bloom again...but when do I ever go along with the norm?

So hello, my name is Darcy. I have curly hair, and an obsession with Snuggies. It's fantastic to meet you.

Until tomorrow, and I mean it,


Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hello hello hello my friends! Haven't talked to you all since...WINTER! Eh, those dark and dreary months. It's as though the clouds have parted and the sun has shone through...sorry, too philophical for you? Fine. Whatevski. Allow me to make a list for you instead, to channel my happiness.

Things that are cool:
1) 70 degree weather...all weekend.
2) Free Waterice at Rita's.
3) Getting a job at Rita's. :)
4) Spring.
5) Birds.
5) Pretty nail polish.
6) Regina Spektor.
7) Wearing flip flops.
8) Having hardly any school work.
9) My birthday and LISCENSE quickly approaching.
10)Amazing weekends.

Things that aren't as cool:
1) Gaining three pounds.
2) School tomorrow.
3) AP Tests soon.
4) Having to take the SAT seriously.
5) Not having a car RIGHT NOW.
6) Running out of hairspray (almost suicide worthy, sheesh)
7) Waking up early on a Sunday :(

Looks like the good outweighs the bad, guess I can't complain :)

<3 Curlygirl

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ahem...is this thing on?

I know. I'm ashamed. You can call it depression from the lack of The Bachelor, you can call it Spring Fever, you can even call it neglect...but I my friend, call it pure laziness.

Anyway, I'm not about to sulk about me not being here for the past two weeks, cause who wants to hear that?...(kinda like when someone rushes in late to somewhere and follows their entrance with a long winded explanation to why they're late. we all do it, yes, but you don't realize how unnecessary and annoying it is until you're on the other side. i don't care where you were, that you were running out the door and your dog threw up on your shoes and then you were stuck in traffic...you're here now so sit down and shut up) I'm not about to start making excuses here people, I just didn't feel like blogging. Bottom line.

So let me tell you about the past two weeks of my life.

--I got this adorable dress for my sister's rehearsal dinner! Yes yes, the wedding isn't until June but I saw this on macys.com and could not pass it up! the colors are PERFECT--same colors as the theme--and it fits so cute and looks oh so summery. :)


--I also FINALLY got my prom dress and it's so loooovelyyyy. But you can't see it...not just yet :) I'll leave it to a surprise for a later date (mainly just because I don't have a good picture of it yet, hehehe)

--My new favorite food?

Oh my god. SO good. On anything. Like, I'm talking fingers even.

Until a later date...which could be much later, as by my habbit here. ;)

<3 Curlygirl

Monday, March 8, 2010


Just letting you know I'm still alive.

More news to come at a later date...I know, try to hold back your tears.

I still love you.

<3 Curlygirl

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nice girls DON'T finish last...

So. It's Tuesday. And for those of you who read this often, you know what this means. For others of you, bear with me.



Okay. That's all I'm saying. Cause if I go all into her trashy horse-looking self I'll go crazy. So let's focus on Tenley.

She's just so cute! And yes, I understand that sometimes it was as if she ate butterflies and rainbows for breakfast but, how can you not love her! Poor thing got her heart crushed...and yes, I know you're wondering...I did shed a tear or two for her. (There's something wrong with me)

So let me conclude this entire post dedicated to The Bachelor with reasons why I could never participate in reality television such as this.

1) My hair and make-up are not constantly done all the time. I mean, sometimes I look downright gross, I'm not gonna lie.
2) I'm a very loud whisper-er. And according to last night's episode, you had to have that shit down just to hold a conversation. I couldn't even hear them...I even contemplated closed-captioning.
3) I'm an ugly crier. If that guy sent me home, there's no doubt I would transform into some sort of beastial figure, stomping and growling included.
4) Making out on national television. I don't kiss and tell...I'm definitely not going to kiss and show.
5) And finally, because people like me watch the show. I'm brutal. I scope out the girl's pimples, make fun of everything they say, and pick favorites very quickly. There's no way I'm putting myself out there in front of an audience much like myself.

So the best of luck to Jake and Vienna...can't wait to hear about your break-up in 4 months.

<3 Curlygirl

Monday, March 1, 2010

March Madness



Okay, now that I'm done making up nicknames for commonly used words (sorry, I just get sick of using the same words over and over again, gotta spice it up a bit), I've just gotta put it out there.

This year has made me absolutely crazy. And to give you a glimpse of what I mean, I'm going to throw some 'buzz' words out there, otherwise known as pertinent thoughts that are constantly rotating through my mind at any give second.

schoolwork, essays, history project, spanish project, dieting, book review, history AP test, english AP test, biology AP test, schelduling the SAT, keeping my grades up, college, college?, yes college, turbo jam, FML, clothes, portfolio, gold award, prom, prom date, prom dress, afterwards?, nails, money, getting a job, going to bed early, getting a haircut, the lack of space in my locker, understanding pre-calc, understanding anything, apollo anton ohno, get over yourself he's old, facebook, FACEBOOK, dress fittings, fitting in a dress, sister's bridal shower, baptism gift for my nephew, maintaining a social life.

Phew, I'm exhausted. If you read all of that, you are hereby my hero.

And this is the year I chose to start a blog...lucky you.

<3 Curlygirl.