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Sunday, September 5, 2010

The end of summer

Hey yall...

So today was absolutely GORGEOUS! The weather was perfect and it was a very nice end to a great summer. My sisters came over for dinner and we all just hung around the house, playing with my nephews, playing Bag-o, and enjoying life before the hectic-ness that September brings.

Things that I'm excited about for fall :)

1. Long sleeved shirts and cardigans
2. Jeans that hide my cottage cheese
3. Pumpkins and apples and hay stacks
4. Bonfires
5. Football games
6. Eating a lot
7. Pretty Fall nailpolishes (like this one!! You don't know Jaques by OPI)

Things I'm not excited about for fall :(

1. Not wearing flip flops
2. School work
3. All the flowers dying
4. Raking leaves
5. No more waterice
6. Eating a lot
7. Having to apply for colleges

One more day left of sweet summer...let's make the best of it.

<3 Curlygirl

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